Welcome to our Newest Branch the African People of Love RBG Movement Atlanta, GA

The President Donaldapol4life has been apart of the Movement since 2007 and has served in Michigan, Mississippi and now GA. He is a man of Unity and Love towards our People and has a heart of gold when it comes to the youth.

We understand that you plan to stand in Unity and love with our Afrikan/Black family and we know you will find the African People of Love RBG Movement a pleasant and friendly place in which to work and connect to the Black and Brown family.

If there is anything we can do to help you, please do not hesitate to let us know. Our organization requires us to be very well informed about local conditions, and we may be able to help you, such as providing speakers, list of fine places, routes and schedules and any questions you have regarding our organization

If you want to use our services, we will welcome the opportunity to use this page as a way to let your family know what is going on postive in your communities and what events you have coming up. Request others to join our African People of Love RBG Movement we all need to be connect to one another. Welcome to the New World Order (Blacks uniting as one people, one Nation global-wide….


CEO, Eliyah X.
African People of Love/RBG 4 Life

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