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November 27, 2010



Today, November 27th, the New Black Panther Party will join the Peoples Organization for Progress, for a citywide march and rally demanding a U.S. Justice Department investigation of the Newark Police Department.

Marchers will assemble at Broad and Market Sts. at 12 noon.

Both organizations are supporting a 96page petition by the American Civil Liberties Union documenting 407 cases of police abuse just within two and a half year period!

The march and rally takes place against the background of the New Black Panther Party just coming e to the defense of Erika Hankerson again, who was falsely arrested and harassed just several weeks ago. Hankerson is the mother of Travis Rattray, the 15year old Newark youth beaten savagely by an undercover Newark police officer on videotape some months ago.

The march and rally takes on added focus as just this past Wednesday, the Irvington Police Department attacked a peaceful assemblage organized by the Newark AntiViolence Coalition (NAVC). That gathering was to condemn the recent shooting of Saleenah Baines, a pregnant mother of three and coalition member, on Myrtle and Madison Avenue.

The rally was at the site of the shooting.

Under the pathetic direction of Irvington Police Chief Michael Chase himself, the police arrested six coalition members, several female
members were senselessly maced. One female member was punched in the
face and separated from her young son and arrested.

“The Coalition went out of their way to work with City leadership, elected
and law enforcement, to prevent anything like from happening, right up
until the day before the rally,” explained Zayid Muhammad, of the New
Black Panther Party.

“The police response, over 50 deep, from several different specialized squads, was all done in legal language in ‘bad faith’ to say the least, and whole lot of people could have gotten hurt on
both sides, and police leadership ought to be held accountable,” he
finished angrily.

The Irvington attack underscores the organizers broadening their Justice Department call to not just investigate the Newark Police Department, but the patterns of abuse in neighboring forces like Irvington’s.

The Party’s letter to the Justice Department is annexed.

For more information on the march and rally, please call 973 801 0001…


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Correction: USHRN December 2010 Membership Meeting Call 12.2.10 @ 2 pm EST


Please note the time. Thanks! 

On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 10:57 AM, KA <> wrote:

December 2010 Membership Meeting Call

Join us on Thursday, December 2, 2010 at  2 pm EST for a USHRN Membership Meeting call to discuss the following:

  • SHROC, i.e. the Southern Human Rights Organizing Conference (for more details on SHROC visit
  • Report back on UPR hearing in November and next steps for the March 2011 Report adoption
  • Discussion of the developing work plan to implement CERD, build the National Alliance for Racial Justice and Human Rights, and develop a National Plan of Action
  • Updates from the Gulf States Human Rights Working Group, the Land and Housing Action Group on the Take Back the Land Movement, the Political Prisoner and State Repression Working Group, and the Gender and Sexuality Working Group
  • Overview of the Strategic Planning Process for 2011
  • Building organizing committee for the USHRN Membership Meeting in December 2011

We will also review the agenda for the regional Membership Gathering that will take place at SHROC in Birmingham, Alabama Friday, December 10th – Sunday, December 12th.

To join this call please register at the following link:

Any organization or individual that would like to add an agenda item please contact Kali Akuno by Tuesday, November 30th at

In Unity and Struggle,



In Unity and Struggle,



USHRN Political Prisoner and State Repression Working Grp Responds to HRC Recommendations


U.N. Human Rights Council Recommends U.S.

“End the unjust incarceration of political prisoners, including Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal”
To “Lead by example,” U.S. Must Heed Recommendations, Use “Exisitng” or Create Other Mechanisms to Release Imprisoned COINTELPRO/Civil Rights Era Political Activists, Says USHRN Political Prisoner and State Repression Working Group

November 10, 2010 (864) 901-8627;
Greenville, SC – The U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) issued a set of recommendations for the United States to bring its human rights policies and practices in line with international standards. The recommendations are the result of the first-ever participation by the U.S. in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process, which involves a thorough assessment of a nation’s human rights record. USHRN Political Prisoner and State Repression Working Group, which was in Geneva last week to observe the UPR process, welcomed U.S. participation as an important step toward establishing human rights at home and deeply appreciates the call for the release of U.S. political prisoners.
"The UPR process has provided the Obama administration an opportunity to identify U.S. human rights violations, develop real solutions and bring U.S. policies in line with international human rights standards, as symbolized by its “multi-racial, gendered, and religious” Geneva delegation. The Obama administration should set a good example by using its executive authority, clemency powers, and working with Congress and state and local governments to translate human rights commitments into domestic laws and policies to complete the unfinished business of the COINTELPRO/Civil Rights era and release political activists held longer than Nelson Mandela for the same reasons Mandela was imprisoned,” stated Efia Nwangaza, Group Leader and Director, African American Institute for Policy Studies & Planning.

The USHRN Political Prisoner and State Repression Working Group calls on the U.S. government to heed the recommendations of the HRC, and:

That the U.S. Department of Justice review the convictions of all COINTELPRO/Civil Rights Era activists in federal or state custody for civil and human rights violations.

President Obama use his clemency power and/or executive authority to create or establish mechanisms, e.g. Truth and Reconciliation Commission, to commute the sentences and expedite release of all COINTELRO/Civil Rights Era political activists currently held as prisoners in U.S. federal and state custody.

Human Rights Council draft report on U.S. Universal Periodic Review is available here:

In Unity and Struggle,



Something to Note and Study – Fox laying groundwork for potential attack on human rights and social justice organizations in response to US UPR


U.N. Human Rights Council Takes Aim at New Target: United States

By George Russell

Published November 05, 2010


The United Nations Human Rights Council, a conclave of 47 nations that includes such notorious human rights violators as China, Cuba, Libya and Saudi Arabia, met in Geneva on Friday, to question the United States about its human rights failings.

Al Jazeera: Native American’s unkept promises


A short piece from Al Jazeera on the struggle to get Obama to sign the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

In Unity and Struggle,



UPR Coverage: Free Peltier now, supporters say (Press TV)


American Indian activist Leonard Peltier

Dozens of the supporters of American Indian activist Leonard Peltier have gathered in Rapid City in the US Midwest to call for a review of his case and his release from prison.

The group gathered in the South Dakota city on Friday to pray for Peltier’s release, saying that he is innocent and was framed by the FBI because of his political activities.
James Swan, the head of the Black Hills chapter of the United Urban Warrior Society — a nonprofit group that helps American Indians fight racial discrimination and injustice — who took part in the gathering, described Peltier as a political prisoner whose case needs to be reviewed by an independent body.
"What we want people to realize is that this is an injustice," AP quoted Swan as saying.
Peltier, 66, was convicted and sentenced to two life sentences in 1977 on charges that he killed two FBI agents.
Peltier asserts that he is innocent and that the FBI framed him for political reasons, especially his activities as a member of the American Indian Movement. He has lodged numerous appeals against the conviction but all of them have been unsuccessful.
He has been denied parole and will not be eligible for it again until 2024, when he turns 79.
According to Peltier’s relatives, he suffers a number of health problems such as diabetes, arthritis, and the loss of vision in one eye following a minor stroke.
Many activists say Leonard Peltier is the most important political prisoner in the United States.
In the review of the human rights record of the United States at the UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review (UPR) conference in Geneva, one group called for a new trial for Leonard Peltier.
The U.S. Human Rights Network (USHRN) filed a 423-page submission to the Geneva meeting — actually, 23 separate position papers bound together with a 15-page “overarching report,” or executive summary, Fox News reported
The UN Human Rights Council reviewed the human rights situation in the United States in Geneva on Friday at its Universal Periodic Review conference, which opened on November 1 and runs until November 12
One of the papers, entitled “Political Repression-Political Prisoners,” about cases in the 1970s, indicts the FBI, accusing its Operation COINTELPRO of “maiming, murdering, false prosecutions and frame-ups, destruction and mayhem throughout the country,”
It cites the FBI for targeting the Puerto Rican Independence Front, the Black Panther Party, the Weather Underground, the American Indian Movement, the Black Liberation Army, as well as “peace activists and everyone in between,” and says that “many of today’s political prisoners” in the U.S. were jailed indefinitely as a result. That repression has increased since 9/11, the paper argues.
The political repression paper demands an “immediate criminal investigation into the conspiracy,” and also new trials for two now-aged activists jailed on murder charges, Mumia Abu Jamal and Leonard Peltier.

In Unity and Struggle,



We are in the Final Days! FORWARD to NOVEMBER 13th


"When a cause comes along and you know in your bones that it is just, yet refuse to defend it–at that moment you begin to die. And I have never seen so many corpses walking around talking about justice." – Mumia Abu-Jamal


We are in the final days of organizing for the November 13th mobilization. We hope that you have spread the word about this event to all of your networks.  For those of you who belong to social media networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, etc, please use these avenues as a way to support, by using the attached Nov. 13th image as your profile picture.  If you can come, please gather others to come with you.

On November 12th we are having a Pre-Rally panel discussion and poster making session in the dining hall of St. Stephen’s Church located at 1525 Newton Street NW in Washington DC. We are scheduled for 6:30-8:30pm. Members of the panel will include November 13th organizers.  Please come out to support and show your solidarity. If you need more information contact me.

On November 13th we will be in Malcolm X Park from 10-3pm. Speakers will include Omali Yeshitela, Nellie Bailey, Glen Ford, Hodari Ali, Eugenia Charles and many more.  We will then march to the white house and end our protest at Lafayette Park.

On November 20th we will be in Harlem, New York for our US out of Haiti | Clinton out of Harlem demonstration in front of Clinton’s Harlem’s headquarters.

!!!! Also let’s not forget that today, November 9th,  is when Freedom Fighter and Political Activist Mumia Abu Jamal‘s life will be determined. If you are in or around Philly today please come out in protest, to show support for our comrade:!!!!

When: Nov 9, 2010 12:00noon
Where: 601 N. and Market St..
Contact:, (212)330-8029