The African American dual citizenship enactment will offer an immense amount of opportunities for Africans to help develop each other and prosper.

When my people rise upAFRICAN DIASPORA decedents of Africans forcibly removed Dual Citizenship drive to save Africa. Our non-African friends and allies should throw their full support behind Dual Citizenship to save African lives and future depends on it.

IMSCO NGO launches dual citizenship drive to help Africa and its 5055 million strong global Diaspora community co-manage their stakeholder share of Africa’s wealth land, development trade and political clout.

Africans in Africa and Africans in the Diaspora share common history, culture, and goals. The African American dual citizenship enactment will offer an immense amount of opportunities for Africans to help develop each other and prosper. To change and advance, Africans must focus on education and linking the youth to African development projects as a way to earn money, and rebuild their broken communities. Linking with Africans in America will empower all concerned, including non-African people.

African American dual citizenship interaction will enable African people as well as states to rewrite all Bilateral Trade agreements and end economic apartheid. Meaning Africans will have the political and economic clout to rewrite or overwrite any treaty or contract in order to help protect Africa from any unwanted product dumping, political sabotage, etc. Dual citizenship will offer true democracy if that is the peoples’ choice.

Please keep in mind that in order to have access to some or all benefits, the process MUST be done through IMSCO in order to protect the power and influence of the African American community and the Diaspora community as a whole.

•The right for any African American to be issued a passport of the African country of his or her choice.
*Note: IMSCO will monitor the process of the passport application if all paperwork does not go accordingly.
•The right for any African American to own land and/or a business to invest safely.
•To be under the Dual protection of both the United States and Africa.
•To be able to have the right to vote in both the United States and Africa.
•African Americans will stand in line as second to none.
•When dealing with passport paperwork, IMSCO cannot guarantee the individual a passport but we can help if you help us.

We are currently seeking your cooperation and support in this important matter of dual citizenship for African Americans in the African state of their choice. IMSCO encourages all businesses to assist in this priority project that will benefit the Americas as a whole. However, a donation should be made in order for anybody or group to be considered.

•All African Americans are immediately entitled to be part of this project.
•All supporters of the Dual Citizenship cause are eligible.
•Companies and/or individual(s) may sponsor an African American and register that individual to be part of the eligible cause.
If you wish to view a full review on a specific African country please click on the link below:

letter for afrikaans
Now that “People of African descent” are “The 6th region of Africa” we have legal ownership in the international political, cultural and economic affairs of our African motherland.
Register for Dual Citizenship take back your power pay your share and contribute to IMSCO too witness and own full shares in vast African wealth and land stolen and being stolen by foreigners.
IMSCO is watching out for your international interest.

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