Queens in Power and Beauty

7 African queens amazing in their power and beautyThe Queen

Did Africa have great rulers? It did and most powerful of them were the queens. Meet them now.

Everyone who is interested in the African history, for certain wants to learn the facts about African kings and queens. But people know a lot of information about African kings, not queens. The man is a symbol of the power for majority of them. But it is not always so. There were many brave and clever women on the African earth, whose government has exerted a great influence on history of the state. So, this is the list of the 7 brightest black queens in Africa!

African queens

The most outstanding black queens and African queen names:

  1. Amina

    Amina, the Muslim queen-warrior, was a Zarian princess. She made outstanding military career. As a professional soldier, this black queen took part in the military campaigns for conquest of neighboring states. It was made for expansion their own territory. She also made a big contribution to improvement of trade.

    Amin has been ruling for a long period of time. Those days the state endured economic dawn. She was suggested to marry, give birth to children, but the queen has refused. They say the woman was afraid to lose the power.

    She also had an unusual rule – after each won fight, she chose to herself a man from a camp for the night, and doomed him in the morning to death that the man didn’t tell anything about joint night with the princess.
    Amin Muslim queen-warrior

    Her legendary acts have made a prototype of the known TV series “Xena: Warrior Princess”.

  2. Candace

    There is also a legend about black Egyptian queens from the ancient novel “Alexander the Great’s History”. It narrates about Candace from Meroe, who was at war with Alexander of Macedon. The origin of this legend isn’t absolutely clear. Alexander the Great hasn’t reached Nubia. Oasis Siwa is considered the southern point of his gains.

    The next story also tells about black Egyptian queen from this generation. In the 25th year B.C., Candace Amarinen attacked the Egyptian city of Siena, which was under control of the Roman Empire these years. The emperor Octavian Augustus took Nubia in reply and destroyed its capital.

    The image of other famous Candace-warrior, Shanakdakete, has reached our days on a bas-relief from Meroe, on which she is represented in armor and with a spear in fight. It is known that she was the ruling queen, and her husband wasn’t the ruling king (Pharaoh). On a bas-relief Shanakdakete is represented as alone, and in the company of her husband and son, who carries a title of the crown prince.
    Candace black Egyptian queens

    Also 4 African queens carrying a title of Candace were known to ancient Greeks and Romans: Amanishakete, Amarinen, Navidemak and Malegerabar.

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  3. Makeda

    One of the most famous African queens is Makeda. In many legends, Maceda overcomes difficult political situations, especially mythical. But in several legends she is told as a real historical figure. Till 1976 she was officially considered as the progenitor of the most ancient imperial dynasty in the world.

    There is also fascinating legend. Visit of the queen to Solomon is its cornerstone. The queen is highly intellectual woman. The desire to comprehend Wisdom of Solomon directed her. She has made a long and very tiresome trip to Solomon in Jerusalem. When she at last arrived to the palace of the king, the governor decided to tempt her. Having been refused, Solomon sworn that he won’t resort to violence, but demanded that she won’t violate rules in his house. Solomon has ordered to feed the queen with the dishes causing thirst. When the woman has drunk water from the jug standing near her bed, Solomon declared that she has broken an oath and raped Maceda. That night he slept badly and had a nightmare, which became prophetical.

    The queen had a gift of diplomacy, knew many classic languages. The beautiful woman has managed to turn the state into the large center of civilization, culture and trade.

    She was proud of her versatile knowledge and all the life tried to gain the secret of esoteric, which was known to wise men of antiquity. That’s why it is possible to meet various miracles about her in legends – the speaking birds, magic carpets and teleportation.
    Maceda most famous African queens

    Later Greek and Roman myths attributed to the queen unearthly beauty and great wisdom. She owned art of intrigues and tender passion for deduction of power.

    The queen was personally able to make essences of herbs, pitches, flowers and roots and possessed art of perfumery. The ceramic bottle of an era of Maceda is found in Jordan. The aromas, received from trees, which nowadays don’t grow in Arabia anymore, remained at the bottom of bottle.

  4. Nefertiti

    Nefertiti is one of the most well-known black Egyptian queens. She was born in 1370 BC. Her exact origin is unknown. They say that she has been sent to Egypt by her father as a gift for Amenhotep III. She had to become one of hundreds overseas princesses brought to give sons to the lord. However, Pharaoh died.

    By tradition, all wives of Pharaoh had to be sacrificed and buried with the governor. But the son of the dead, young Amenhotep IV has rescued Nefertiti from death and made her his spouse. It is easy to guess that on such courageous step the young man was pushed by strong love. He signed each state order with an oath in eternal love for God and Nefertiti.

    Nefertiti was a virtuoso in policy and ability to convince. She advised the husband to refuse gods of ancestors and accept her own religion. Pharaoh declared the wife as a queen and ordered people listen to her. Nefertiti decided to destroy ancient temples.

    People silently accepted new religion and prayed in sunshine each day. The queen often came to a palace balcony and showered Egyptians with gold coins, convincing that these are gifts of new God. In holidays, she artistically addressed citizens, hypnotizing crowd with her speeches.

    However, the couple had only daughters and when the sixth girl was born, the king had to take the new wife. She was young Kiya who has given birth to Tutankhamun and provided continuation of dynasty. Nefertiti had to leave the palace and live out of town, bringing up Tutankhamun as the successor of throne. Year later the grieving Pharaoh returned the first wife to the rooms.
    Nefertiti black Egyptian queens

    Soon the expelled priests united and made religious revolution. The Pharaoh was blinded and then executed, 35-year-old Nefertiti managed to govern some time. But as a result, the queen was killed all the same. The risen priests have destroyed all temples and the city. Nefertiti’s tomb was plundered, and the body was ruthlessly spoiled.

    And suddenly in 2003 the British archeologist Dr. Joann Fletcher has declared to the whole world that he has found Nefertiti’s mummy. Scientists conducted a number of digital researches and established that appearance of the mummified stranger completely coincides with Nefertiti’s image on ancient sculptures!

  5. Hatshepsut

    The list of ancient African queens will continue Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut is a female Pharaoh of the New kingdom of Ancient Egypt from the XVIII dynasty.

    The queen Hatshepsut was a daughter of the third Pharaoh Tutmos I and queen Yakhmes. During lifetime of the father, Hatshepsut became the “Spouse of God” – the Supreme priestess of God Amon. Hatshepsut was the only woman in the history of Egypt, who managed to set up a double crown of Egypt on the head.

    Hatshepsut has secular and religious honor. She was represented, as it was necessary to the real Pharaoh, with Osiris’s attributes, with the beard attached under a chin.

    After death of the father, she has married the stepbrother Tutmos II. When he has died at quite early age, Tutmos III became his only heir. Hatshepsut ruled the state instead of him within 22 years.

    The board of Hatshepsut has marked itself as prosperity and eminence of Egypt. From all spheres of the state activity, Hatshepsut has proved herself, first of all, as the Pharaoh-builder. The queen has restored a set of the monuments destroyed by conquerors.
    Hatshepsut ancient African queens

    However, the reign of Hatshepsut is a historical riddle. Her name isn’t in lists of the Pharaohs of Egypt which have remained on plates of the Egyptian temples. Pharaohs also ignored her in chronic and all inscriptions about her in Karnack Temple are shattered.

  6. Yaa Asantewaa

    This woman finishes our list of African queen names. Let’s look at historical information about this woman. She is called the African Joan of Arc. The queen was born in 1840. Her brother became a governor when Yaa was a little girl.
    Yaa Asantewaa

    British have attacked their lands for the purpose of capture. They wanted to establish taxes and control the land of local population, including gold deposits. When ashants have tried to resist the British, the governor lord Hodgson demanded to give him the Gold Throne, which was a symbol of independence of the people. To induce them to do it, the governor has sent troops, which killed both adults and children. After the king and his confidants have banished to the Seychelles, Yaa Asantewaa became the regent of the area.

    On March 1900, the British troops demanded to give them the Throne again. Yaa, the only present women, made the well-known speech, in which she said that they refuse to pay taxes. Her speech has inspired many inhabitants of Ashanti and Yaa Asantewa has headed War for independence. There were about 4000 soldiers in her army. The siege of the British fort proceeded four months. After the British troops have suffered considerable losses in the first fights, they have summoned reinforcement from Nigeria. The queen was arrested on March 1901, and then sent to the Seychelles, where she died in 1921.
    Yaa Asantewaa African queen

    Yaa Asantewa is the most favorite historical figure in Ashanti and in Ghana in general. In 1960 in Kumasi, the High women’s school of Yaa Asantewa was created.

  7. Cleopatra
    ancient queen cleopatra
    She was born in Alexandria. She fought for the power with two brothers.

    The artful and prudent queen resorted to all means, which were available to her — from poison to female charms. Especially she wanted to get support of the Romans.
    cleopatra statue ancient
    With the help of Caesar, from whom she has given birth to the son, Cleopatra managed to be temporarily approved on the Egyptian throne. But later she has moved to Rome, having taken her minor son.
    cleopatra queen photo
    After Caesar’s murder, Cleopatra escaped to Egypt. Having poisoned the brother, she at last became the ruler. Cleopatra was Anthony’s wife. He was one of applicants for the power in Rome. However, Anthony and Cleopatra suffered a crushing defeat in fight against Octavian Augustus, Caesar’s successor.

Now you have learned a lot of information about the African rulers. Of course, not all of them are in the list. There was a great number of wise women. But everyone who wants to get acquainted with history of Africa, has to know at least about these 6 amazing queens.

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