I never said you weren’t shit!!!

I have always been on the BROTHERS side…My repetition is unprecidented for my support of BLACK men…but this has gone too far….to continue…as we have….

What other MEN.. would stand by while there fellows/brothers are CONSTANTLY MURDERED?

While the Women are manhandled, murdered and beaten and watch as there children are manhandled beaten and murdered..

Or while the Women and children are now being sold into slavery and servitude throughout Northern Africa…and allow the Chinaman to usurp resources and land in Africa.

It’s Freaking 600+ years…how am I supposed to feel or view you…. it’s too MUCH…. And the most of you do is talk about it!
Where is the movement and actual action to STOP IT…You don’t have to fight back for me

Yeah…you don’t want to really know how I feel as a Black mother, daughter, grandmother..and wife to live with it, Everyday …we watch as this goes on year after year.

I DO NOT think that you’re not shit
I Don’t understand…how you all look at yourselves