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BY: NISHA THOMAS Rapper Nelly openly spoke on Tom Brady and the recent controversy of several NFL players not wanting to go to the White House to meet President Donald Trump. Is he right? Comment…

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BY: NISHA THOMAS When you’d thought that you seen it all and then you realize that you haven’t seen anything! Meet Maurice Johnson, a 55-year-old homeless man with two Masters Degrees. He has told his story…

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BY: NISHA THOMAS Do you think that hip-hop artists love white America more than black America? Dr. Boyce Watkins asks this question because it seems that we are witnessing more and more of our black…

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Has The NAACP Sold Out For White Dollars?

February 13, 2017 | 0 Comments

BY: NISHA THOMAS Has the NAACP sold out for the liking of white dollars? According to Dr. Boyce Watkins, they just may have sold out in a major way, considering who they are connected to…

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This is one of those situations where black people are probably going to be mixed in their reaction.  According to, Frank Ancona’s body was found this weekend after he went missing from his home…

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BY: NISHA THOMAS So, what are your thoughts on the n-word? Do you think it has a nice ring to it? Is it the same as calling a journalist a fake news reporter? Check out…

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7 Mindsets That Hinder Black Men From Relationship Success


black men and relationships

by: Ingram Jones

Earlier my wife, Atiya, discussed the “Five Mindsets That Hinder Black Women From Relationship Success.” She was right on the money and as a Black man; I have encountered many of those mindsets. Consequently, for me I wasn’t willing to accept them and therefore, I made the choice to date women who were not plagued by those issues. Often I chose women who were not Black.

While I have had my share of the world’s Diaspora of women, from India to Europe, what I found was that all women have issues as do men, and some can actually be far greater than what Black women appear to have. The bottom line is that many Black men can highlight these issues and send the article my wife wrote to many women to “help them see the light.” However, I will boldly say to brothers, issues that permeate the Black community no matter where we are in the world, are problems that not only lie with the Back woman. In fact brothers, we are a major part of the problem.

From the many white, French women, and Indian women that have shared my space and sometimes my bed, when it boiled down to it, I knew in my heart that I was only going to marry a Black woman. I had a fundamental belief and still do that no other type of woman can identify with my needs, my desires, and my struggles as a Black man like a Black woman. I had to stop playing and get about the business of manning up! I had to admit I was part of the problem and thus went to work to change myself for the better and was blessed to meet a beautiful Black woman, who yes struggles or have struggled with some of those same mindsets but me stepping up to the plate to be the man I should be helps to balance out those perceived “issues.” In many cases those “issues” or “mindsets” that we men see are only a manifestation of where we fail as fathers, as sons and as husbands.

I affirm that all Black men have the ability to provide for her, protect her, and profess and communicate with her on a level that is mature and balanced. However, the question becomes, “Is he willing to do so?”

As a Black man born and reared in London, United Kingdom, I may not identify directly with the woes of Black American men and women, but I do know that as a Black man my situation in London is not so different than a Black man’s situation in America. So when I sought out relationship success, borders didn’t really matter. All I knew was that I was not interested in perpetuating the generational oppression and suppression and I was interested in connecting on a much higher and deeper level with a woman who not only respected me, but one that I could also be proud to honor and respect as a man.

I had to realize that my relationship failures had very little to do with the women I was entertaining, but everything to do with me. So brothers out there who are hell bent on pointing out the “Five Mindsets that Hinder Black Women from Relationship Success,” let me give you one up on that. We can point the finger all day long, but until we put some things in check ourselves, we too will be burdened with mindsets and behaviors that hinder us from having success in our relationships. We will never be satisfied as men with just one woman because we won’t see her for who she really is. As many men have held the magnifying glass up to women, ask yourself the question, “Do I have some mindsets that may be hindering me from relationship success?”

Check it out. Do you fit into any of the following categories?

Seven Mindsets that Hinder Black Men From Relationship Success

1. Resentful Reggie

Resentful Reggie helps to give rise to a Bitter Barbara. Neither mindset is any different than the other. Both are disenfranchised and have been deeply hurt by their counterpart and consequently blame the other for their pain. Resentful Reggie is still holding a grudge from his first love that broke his heart and just won’t let it go to even give another woman a chance with his heart. He’s like a librarian who can give you the rundown of all his previous relationships.

What is interesting is that although Resentful Reggie is extremely resentful, you often hear him ranting and raving about how fantastic his ex was to his current love interest, who somehow just can’t seem to measure up to his former love. Any smart woman would ask, “If she was so great, why aren’t you still with her?” Every woman wants to be the apple of her man’s eye. Therefore, many are quick to run from Resentful Reggie in hopes of being the main squeeze in someone else’s juice.

2. Important Ichabod

Important Ichabod doesn’t need a woman in his life to help him meet anything. He is financially stable, drives a nice car, can buy anything he wants including people to cater to his every waking fancy. He can woo a woman’s knickers right off of her in broad daylight. His sidekick Busy Bruce is like an alter ego, making sure every moment of his time is caught up in making more money and buying more people for his collection of return favors.

Important Ichabod, in a day can go from one city to the next, close the deal, find the time to impress a woman with his “money talks and everything else walks” mannerism, have a drink and a quickie with an almost stranger then catch the next flight out back to his high-rise condo in the heart of any major city. Important Ichabod has the attitude that women are dispensable and like cars, jewelry, and employees can be replaced when they cease to perform effectively. What Important Ichabod fails to realize is that people are not things and no matter how much he can brag to his colleagues about how much money he spent on lunch or how many women he’s “tapped,” good women desire men of substance and not superficial and arrogant pricks who probably don’t even like women anyway.

3. Baggage Brian

Baggage Brian is always trying to drop his bags at somebody else’s doorstep. As a matter of record he is responsible for the bag lady that Ms. Badu sings about. Baggage Brian has baby’s mamas and mamas’ dramas. Wherever he treads, you can smell the stench of the hood rat, who just can let it go.

“Niggas take off runnin from you it’s true oh yes they do.” Those are the words of Ms. Badu that rings true. Baggage Brian attracts women with issues and preys on those who are vulnerable. He’s a Slick Rick, a Hustling Harry, and a Trifling Troy. He doesn’t turn up on time, doesn’t return your calls, and always trying to make a quick quid. He’s what they call a day late and a dollar short and never has time for a serious relationship because he is too busy running from his responsibility. He gives Black men a bad name.

No one wants a Ghetto Gregory but a Hoodrat Henrietta; and all those different bags that Baggage Brian is bringing, please, a real Black woman who is on the ball will tell Baggage Brian to bounce. A serious woman is coming for real, and she ain’t tryin’ to deal with his Sh*#! A real Black woman is going to tell Baggage Brian, he better “call Tyrone.”

4. Mommy’s Melvin

Mommy’s Melvin is mama’s baby and daddy’s maybe. He cannot even get into a meaningful relationship because he hasn’t found the balls to cut the apron strings with his mama. He’s a big grown-ass man and his mama is still buying his boxer shorts, cooking his meals, and washing his clothes. Hell mama’s even going to the club with him. No woman can even get close enough because his mother doesn’t want to lose her little boy to another woman; and when you have to turn and say, “Oh no, that’s my mother,” that’s when you know you’re too close.

Now, it is one thing to have a good relationship with mum because how you treat yours is an indication of how you will treat “your” woman. I am not suggesting that every man in the world has a wonderful mother because that is not the case, but the ability to look beyond her flaws and still treat her with respect is a key attribute to any man looking or desiring a successful relationship. But come on brothers, some of you who know you struggle with the mindset of a Mommy’s Melvin know that you have been mothered too damn long. Let the truth be told, if a real woman came your way, would you even know what to do?

5. Fielding Freddie

Fielding Freddy has a personality for every woman he creeps with. No matter what names he gives the damsel in distress, he is still Fielding Freddie and a Cheating Charlie. Plain and simply put he’s a dog. Fielding Freddie has no control of his animalistic side, and feels the need to share his manhood with every female that he sees. For him, every woman is an opportunity because he is thrill seeking rather than soul seeking.

Fielding Freddie doesn’t appreciate a good woman, and when he sees one instead of recognizing his mother, daughter, or wife, he sees a stripper, a hooker, a gold digger or diva. He has the position that all women have nasty attitudes, are manipulative, and can’t be trusted. When he does meet a woman with good ole fashioned “Christian values,” who wants to save herself for marriage, he works to tarnish her in order to fit her into the “all women are the same” mold he has been conditioned to believe.

What Fielding Freddie doesn’t get is that he is enslaved by faulty reasoning and has bought into the hype of what the media, entertainment, and music industry has put out. Consequently, he is part of the problem rather than the solution. A real woman wants a man who is willing and able to commit, and not some foolish little boy still trying to play peek-a-boo games with his Peter Paul pecking Patty, Paula and Pearl.

6. Dumb Darnell

Dumb Darnell lacks the knowledge of himself. He enters a relationship before discovering what he likes or dislikes, therefore becomes a great candidate for making out with Demanding Deena. He is led to believe that he owes her something and he might as well put on her skirt because what he is really acting like is a a p#*!!y. No woman wants a weak man. He knows he is not in the right relationship, but denies himself the happiness he deserves because he is too afraid to man up and wear the “draws.”

What Dumb Darnell don’t understand is that he may very well have a good woman, but because he is not stepping up to the plate, she is forced to make it happen because he is too afraid to move and do something about it. So Dumb Darnell creates a Demanding Deena by not being the man that he is capable of being. To get away from the noise, he leaves her carrying the load, hooks up with Wannabe Willie who doesn’t have a woman, and gets influenced to go out and kick it in the club.

Dumb Darnell ends up in a situation trying to make a single mindset fit into a committed relationship; and because he has no backbone to make decisions, ends up juggling Demanding Deena and Stressful Stephanie.

7. Preaching Paul

Preaching Paul is stiff; he’s rigid and like Righteous Rhonda can quote the scripture from Genesis to Revelation. However he can’t keep a good woman because what comes out after a while is that he is a male chauvinist pig and disillusioned by his belief of being the Alpha and Omega. The only relationship he may successfully have is the one with his right or left hand. Even then, he won’t because his religious dogma teaches him it’s bad.

Preaching Paul spends so much of his time preaching to others that he fails to see the speck in his own eye. He believes every woman is Eve and must totally submit herself to him to avoid eternal damnation. He has no concept of love and compassion. This brother must love to hear himself talk, because that’s all he does is talk. Black women run from Preaching Paul because of their fear of purgatory.

Brothers we have just as many issues as Black women; and it is usually our issues that begets theirs. If we do our part and what we should do as men, then you just might find that the mindsets some Black women have are very easy to change when we work to change ours.

5 Mindsets That Hinder Black Women From Relationship Success


What black women desire, but are not getting from men.

A Black woman who desires to be connected with a Black man intimately deserves to be connected to one who has the ability to provide for her, protect her, and profess and communicate with her on a level that is mature and balanced.


True enough, there are several disparities in society in terms of Blacks that exist which are well documented. While arguments may arise in terms of how those dissimilarities came to be, any arguments surrounding the existence of the disparities can be quieted with bona-fide truth and actual facts. Consequently, both Black men and Black women perhaps may be well justified in being “angry” about the condition and state of the Black community. However, how that anger is channeled is key. Turning on one another is not the answer. To do so, not only perpetuates the generational oppression and suppression from both external and internal forces, it also hinders Black men and Black women from coming together intimately on a more profound level for the betterment of the Black community and the world community as a whole.


The biggest enemy to the relationship dynamic in the Black community is the lack of respect and honor of one another as Black men and Black women. No matter how messed up either may be, to say either is damaged beyond repair is further perpetuation of a conditioning process which stems back to the plantation literally and figuratively. Whether you believe slavery actually existed or not is irrelevant here. What we are discussing is certain mindsets that need to be uprooted in order for Black men and women to relate effectively. While it is true that Blacks cannot continue to blame others for the condition in the Black community and thus must take responsibility for its state, a logical person however would understand that there are certain principles and dynamics which becomes extremely relevant when discussing the science of mating – or as some may call it, “dating.”


So what I want to do here is shed some light on the reasons as to why some Black women may be involuntarily single when they would otherwise prefer to be in a healthy relationship with their Black counterpart or why some go from relationship to relationship not finding “the one.”


After reading this, if you are not in a relationship but desire to be in one or you have found yourself moving from man to man, you might want to ask yourself, “Do I hold any of these mindsets?” If you see some personal similarities with one or more of these attitudes, then you are becoming conscious enough to know that perhaps the problem does not rest solely on the shoulders of Black men.

Five Mindsets that Hinder Black Women From Relationship Success


1. Bitter Barbara

Bitter Barbara makes many outward attempts at femininity, yet is hard to the core. She is disenfranchised and has been deeply hurt by a man and consequently blames all men for her pain. She has not been able to rationally separate the “baby from the bathwater,” therefore throws both out. Bitter Barbara perhaps may have had many “good” Black men come in and out of her life, but she couldn’t see past her pain. When it comes to “love and marriage and the baby carriage,” not too many Black men are interested in a woman who is just plain bitter, and would assume deal with a white woman. Unfortunately this makes Bitter Barbara even more bitter.

2. Independent Ilene

Independent Ilene doesn’t need a man to take care of her. She has her own house, her own car, a decent to high paying job, can move the refrigerator and furniture or pay someone to do it for her. Independent Ilene can “bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan” and really only needs a male to help her “get her rocks off” and then again she doesn’t even need a male for that because she has her battery operated man replacement in the drawer. Independent Ilene has the attitude that Black men are intimidated by “strong Black women.” Yet, she doesn’t get that an authentic “strong Black woman” recognizes that first and foremost she needs a man; second, understands the power of synergy in her relationship with her man and is learning to master the art and science of keeping her house.

What independent Ilene fails to understand is that when men think in terms of fun and play, she will fit the bill mainly because she can foot the bill. However, she is thrown off her square when men look for “wife material” and she is put to the side. Independent Ilene projects herself as above need of a man, yet a real man needs to be needed by “his woman,” is willing to man up, and not interested in an Independent Ilene wearing the pants that he was meant to wear, or being depowered or handicapped by a woman feeling the need to compete or step into his role as a man.

3. Religious Rhonda

Religious Rhonda is religious, but lacks spirituality. She is looking for Jesus incarnate and if Jesus were to knock on her door, he would not measure up to her standards either. Religious Rhonda is looking for a man who doesn’t exits. Religious Rhonda sits around complaining with her girlfriends who are “birds of a feather flocking together,” that there are no available “good” Black men because they are either in jail, in prison, homosexual or don’t want anything more in life. Religious Rhonda wants the man to put forth all efforts to make the relationship work and bring all his valuable attributes to the table, but unable to bring similar or of equal valuable attributes. Religious Rhonda wants the status, but fails to see the substance.

Religious Rhonda is related to Self-righteous Sally. As a matter of fact they are first cousins. When you see one you usually see the other as they are bosom buddies. They are either hating on other women who have a man wondering how they got him, or a constant third wheel. Black men run from the drama that comes with Religious Rhonda and Self-righteous Sally.

4. Demanding Deena

Demanding Deena is so hard to please that no matter what you do for her she is never satisfied. Demanding Deena does not realize the difference between demanding something with her mouth and commanding it with her actions. She has an attitude that she is owed something and everything must cease until her needs are met. Demanding Deena is very needy and believes that the source of her happiness lies in the hands of the man in her life. Her expectations of him are far above what is rational or even fair. There is no room for shortcomings as anyone she deals with must be on top of his game 100% of the time. Demanding Deena is argumentative, controlling, hard, and bossy. Men usually just want to do whatever they can to get away from a Demanding Deena; and Demanding Deena has not realized that men are not interested in a woman with more testosterone than him.

5. Loose Lucy

Every man knows that Loose Lucy gives up the “coochie.” It doesn’t matter whether he is worthy or not, Loose Lucy believes the only way to get or keep a man is to open her legs. She has an attitude that once she gives in to a man’s sexual advances, he is obligated to her. Loose Lucy does not respect herself and suffers from low self-esteem.

Some Loose Lucies will get pregnant in an attempt to entrap a man, believing that will make him stay. Loose Lucy will sleep with friends, brothers, and maybe even fathers, sons or cousins. Loose Lucy is desperate for a man and when she feels one will take the time to wine and dine her or pay her mind, she will bear it all for him believing that this time it’s the one. There are two types of women that men deal with, ones to have fun with and one to bring home to meet the parents. Loose Lucy is the “booty call” not the altar call.

This might sound crass. But there is a reason why some Black women do not have a man. And to the women who would much rather publicly degrade all or most of our brothers for their actual or perceived shortcomings, and deem them damaged beyond repair, you end up staying in a state of involuntary singleness or in relationships that are unfulfilling, because you are denying that you are in fact part of the problem.


While you may not be entirely the problem, you are however the key. Black women are the first teachers, the first nurses, the first nurturers in a man’s life. Therefore, if what you see is an undesirable Black man, then you owe it to yourself to help him meet his obligation as a man by being a better woman.

Greetings, to all of Michigan celebrating my 50th Birthday on the road



Greetings Wednesday February 8, 2017 family & friends we will be celebrating my 50th Birthday on the road @ @ O’Mara’s Restaurant 2555 twelve Mile Road Berkley, MI 48072 for Karen Denise Escoe guest will select their menu at their own cost 8pm and then karaoke 9pm please come join use and have fun love you guys Karen D. Escoe (313) 310-0070

BREAKING NEWS Due to Recent Late Night Crimes, Officials Are Asking For Your Help

Arizona Officials Urge Residents To Carry This With Them At All Times

By James BerendsohnFebruary 07, 2017

Do you ever drive by yourself at night?
Do you walk the dog or exercise when the sun is down?
Do you have a family to protect?
If something were to happen, would you be prepared?

Due to the outbreak of late night and early morning crimes, officials are asking residents to take safety precautions. Officials stated they don’t want residents to buy a gun or even non-lethal items like a taser or pepper spray. Instead they suggest something you probably would never think of – carry a high power flashlight.

The reason is even non-lethal deterrents are still considered weapons and are restricted in many areas. If you can’t carry it with you at all times it’s not really providing you with much safety.

We reached out to one of the biggest names in tactical flashlights TacLight for more details. Here’s what Shawn from TacLight shared with us:


You know how after someone takes a picture of you at night with the flash on, it takes like 3 minutes to see properly again?

Now imagine that flash is 100x brighter and it doesn’t turn off. You’d have the ability to disorient any would be attacker with the push of a button.

That’s what you get with the new Military Grade tactical flashlight.

Lights up everything in its path


The truth is, most people underestimate the importance of owning a great flashlight. And these days, in a world where terrorism, and natural disasters are becoming the norm, it’s more important than ever to have the right tactical gear.

This light’s incredible LED technology is used by the U.S. Navy Seals, the Coast Guard, Firemen, Policemen, U.S. Search and Rescue and now it’s been placed inside of an amazing Flashlight called the TACLight T1100


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We order our own TACLight T1100 to verify the quality and the capability of the product ourselves. The package came with a complete set to charge it and store it safetly, and the flashlight is made of durable material and you can feel its solidity as soon as you hold it.

This is how the TacLight Flashlight package arrived:


So if you want to make sure you’re always prepared for the worst, this flashlight is a great start. It has our vote so much that we made sure everyone on our staff had at least 2.


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It’s Time for an Updated Free Credit Report

African People of Love! - Webmaster Newsletter - December 2010

Chances are, for one reason or another, you probably need an updated credit report. That being said, credit reports are very common in most adulthood situations you encounter now such as: renting a home or apartment, purchasing a new home/property, applying for a new job or applying for a new credit card. Let’s not forget reviewing your credit report can also help you catch and identify signs of identity theft.

Federal law encourages that you review a copy of your credit report at least every 12 months from each credit reporting company. It is also important to make sure all listed information on your report is accurate and up to date. The following companies that the Fair Credit Reporting Act also known as the (FCRA) require to distribute you a free copy upon your request every 12 months are: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Your credit report is protected by law and must be accurate and kept private. You should find proper information regarding but not limited to: bill payment methods, your address and other banking information such as bankruptcy fillings or lawsuits held against you.

Free Credit Report

Raising Money-Smart Kids

1496615_1005566116135629_6906074382641116231_nEvery summer, thousands of kids across the country set up stands on their front yards to sell lemonade, or beg their parents for chores to do in exchange for a little more allowance so they can buy that super awesome cool thing they saw in the store that all their friends have now. And while it might be cute that these little entrepreneurs are working hard to earn the things they want, are they really managing their money wisely? How often to do you talk to your kids about good financial habits? Here are a few important tips you can share with your kids to ensure that they know how to manage their money now and into the future.

Teach Key Terms
Making sure you kids know the basic terms of banking and money management is a great first step to making them money smart. Make sure they know terms like Credit, Debit, Checking and Savings. And making sure they understand that money comes from hard work and not from the bank or the magic tree in the backyard is key to their future success with money management. Telling them how ATMs work—and that the money isn’t infinite—will help them grasp these concepts better later in life.

Patience is Important
When kids see their parents shopping, it seems magical. All they have to do is swipe a piece of plastic into a machine and everything they want is theirs. But as grownups, we know this isn’t the case. Teaching children that sometimes you have to wait to buy something is another important concept for them to learn. Waiting until the money is in place, or for the item to go on sale so it is less expensive, are key ideas that children should learn. Try teaching your kids about saving and waiting by having them set a goal, and then save to achieve that goal. Whether it’s a toy or a trip to the movies, encourage your kids to try and save their money until they have enough to buy the item or activity on their own. Don’t make it too expensive so that it takes them months to save the money, but something that they will have to work towards, and they will start to understand how Mom and Dad have to wait to buy what they want until they have the money for it.

Sometimes Choices are Hard
Like the previous example, understanding that tough choices are often involved in money management is also very important. Kids should learn that money doesn’t actually grow on trees and that you may not have enough money to buy everything you want. This is another way to encourage your kids to set and achieve their goals. They might have enough money for a game right now, but if they choose to wait a little while longer and gain a little more money, they could afford the upgraded version. Also, taking your children shopping with you and explaining why you pick one product over another is another way to show your kids how this idea can be applied to life. Ask your kids which is a better deal, the generic item or the name brand, and then ask which one they should buy and why.

The Importance of Savings
As your kids get older, and possibly get their first jobs, encourage them to set up a checking and savings account so they can manage their money and see how their savings can accrue interest over time. As they see their money grow in their savings accounts, they will begin to understand the importance of adding to their savings. It’s like free money, right? Well, it might seem that way to your kids, and who doesn’t like free money?

Make a Budget, and Make it Work
Budgets are even hard for adults to handle, so teaching them to your kids at a young age could be extremely beneficial to their money management abilities in the future. Help them sketch out a basic budget that shows them how much money they make from chores, allowance, or a part time job, and show them where their money goes each month. Breaking things down into categories like Entertainment, Toys, or Gas can help your kids and teens better understand where they spend too much or not enough, and will help them become efficient money managers as they grow older.

It might seem like an awkward topic to discuss with your kids, but once they can start doing simple math, they are old enough to understand some of these important ideas. And trust us, there will be much more awkward topics you’ll need to discuss down the road.

Betrayal of Black Women Documentary

Black people are being mass manipulated

The Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations will declare to the world that, despite the rise of Donald Trump and his version of white nationalism, Black is Back!

We will forward our own National Black Political Agenda for Self-determination, which we will fight for regardless of which political party or individual occupies the White House.

Our January 14th there waws Rally for Black Self-determination on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth is our statement that we are our own liberators!

Sales Associate / Phoenix, AZ

Sales Associate


Apply now

Date: 2/2/ 2017

Location: Phoenix, AZ, US, 85022

DIRECT is a global satellite service company enabling millions of customers to transform their businesses and their lives through innovative technology solutions. DIRECT offers network and data systems management, Big Data analytics and IT consulting, and operates more than 55 data centers in North America, Europe and Asia. The company provides global satellite, broadband, voice, video, data and managed services over a robust 250,000-route-mile U.S. fiber network and a 300,000-route-mile international transport network.

At DIRECT our employees are our most valuable asset; many employees have built successful careers at DIRECT, growing with us as we have expanded to serve new markets with new technologies. We value the highest ethical standards applied to a positive work environment and seek out people with new perspectives as we acquire talent in careers that will support our continued growth.

DIRECT is a true leader in taking satellite and hosted services to the next level. Visit for more information!


Sales Associate

Joining the DIRECT Field Sales team is an excellent opportunity for you to work in the competitive technology solutions industry.

The DIRECT Field Sales organization is comprised of our stores, outside sales teams, and our account manager teams all of which work in our local markets in a variety of consumer and small business sales segments. You will have an opportunity to learn our dynamic business and work with field based partners and resources. You will work directly with our customers to provide solutions that improve lives, strengthen businesses, and connect communities by delivering advanced technologies and solutions with honest and personal service.



As a Sales Associate, you will play a pivotal role in the continued stability and growth of our organization by serving as a front-line ambassador of the DIRECT brand. Working in a DIRECT Store, you will guide customers through the purchase decision, installation process, and education of DIRECTV product offerings while providing an exceptional customer experience.



Regular Full-Time employees are scheduled to work at least forty (40) hours per calendar week for an indefinite period of time.
Job Functions

  • Ability to perform consultative selling with customers face-to-face, via the phone and at outside events/shows.
  • Ability to work in set location, as well as in other metro area stores upon request.
  • Handling customer inquiries as it relates to DIRECTV’s product offerings, pricing, billing, etc.
  • Meeting established sales objectives by selling DIRECTV’s consumer and business products and services.
  • Assisting Store Manager in maximizing sales and profitability through focusing on key business initiatives, store presentation, marketing execution, inventory management, customer service, loss prevention, risk management, and daily operational cost control.
  • Completing operational duties, including paperwork and sales reports as they relate to store opening and closing.
  • Handling customer escalations.
  • Adhering to DIRECTV’s store policies and procedures.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • Ability to stand in an enclosed area 100% of your shift while assisting customers.


Basic Qualifications

  • One year of retail sales or customer service experience.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to work in a team environment.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Suites (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).
  • Ability to attend a one week new hire training in Denver, CO. (company paid).


Preferred Qualifications

  • Telecommunications knowledge.
  • Proven success in a commission sales environment.


Alternate Location:US-Arizona-Phoenix

Apply today, ask for Mr. Spencer  #:385-315-2805

This job may require successful completion of an online assessment. A brief description of the assessments can be viewed on our website at