So let’s put together these facts!

So y’all mean to tell me y’all “Democrats”, and don’t worry WE GONE GET TO THEM REPUBLICANS!

But if you break down THE ETYMOLOGY OF THE WORD! It means A demonic rulership essentially under the regime of the “devil”!

Demo = the greek/ Latin word Demões which means DEMON OR DEVIL

And CRAT Meaning “rule”!

And it funny it’s a “Donkey or an ASS” as the symbol! And when you look up the definition of DONKEY! What does it say? “A stupid or foolish person”! But y’all keep saying I’m stupid or foolish for not believing these mothafuckas? But they’re literally telling you we’re in a demonic rulership and only JACKASSES will fall suit to this shit?

Ha! But I’m crazy! EDUCATE YA SELVES PEOPLE! Well get on them republicans NEXT!