We have already been “antifa mapping” let it sink in they aren’t labeled a domestic terror group …they are labeled a terror group meaning international !!

They knew y’all was gonna peacefully protest and had shit pre planned to hear Jack y’all shitt

Even Trump said you have a right to peacefully protest
Who you think he was calling thugs ?? Y’all let the media put a twist he was talking bout blacks lmao so that’s why legislation was passed singling out antifa to kill yet another racist narrative you sorry ass idiots believed but before the protests shit was already passed against antifa they just decided to finally announce it

You have the high level trained paid professionals like that cop who burned down the AutoZone and then you have these lil sorry ass wanna be anarchist youth they recruit and the love joker and Harley Quinn those are like gods to them easy to track em down …

Antifa is in every single city this is the citizen police force Obama created oh how fast you forget when antifa actually started 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Are y’all really paying attention they tried baiting Trump for days to send in military action to say see see he’s new world order fema camp lmao ……nope he didn’t take the bait ….instead again just like covid if your governor calls for national guard then they can have the national guard ……regular military components are NOT offered to the states that’s who he controls during a national emergency presiding as commander in chief not just the title of president …..yes you idiots it’s a difference between titles:

(com·mand·er in chief/kəˈmandər in CHēf/noun: a head of state or officer in supreme command of a country’s armed forces.)

Keiji Akihiko next post I ain’t done yet lol

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