He told them a super news … This is how it arrived and this is how I send it.
The cure for the C19 virus or the way to eliminate it was achieved.
Information comes from Israel there this virus did not cause any death
The recipe is simple *
* Lemon * 🍈
* Bicarbonate * 🥛
Mix and drink as hot tea 🍵 every afternoon, the action of the lemon with hotter baking soda ♨ immediately kills the virus 🦠 completely eliminates it from the body. These two components alkalize the immune system, since when night falls the system becomes acidic and defenses lower.
That is why the People of Israel is relaxed about this virus. Everyone in Israel drinks a cup of hot water with lemon and a little baking soda at night, as this is proven to kill the virus.
I share it with all my family and friends so that none of us get the virus. I leave it to your criteria.🙏🤝
Please pass this immediately *

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