No, seriously dudes. Goddess worship is the new macho

Perhaps you’ve never even considered the concept beyond watching some Nat Geo program on ancient and exotic pagan cultures. It’s certainly not relevant to our modern secular scientific Western worldview, right? Superstitious, ignorant, primitive peoples had to create imaginary stories of divine beings that govern the mysteries of the cosmos and life on earth. We’ve explained all of that nonsense away, haven’t we? No research scientist has ever produced a divine being in the laboratory, so surely they don’t exist…or if they do exist, it’s only the realm of the believer’s imagination. In other words, goddesses and all other supernatural entities are purely matters of subjective faith. They’re not phenomenological factual, they’re just the stuff of archaic mythological fantasy, right?

I beg to differ. I’ll spare you my rapturous testimony of deliverance by the fierce, yet loving, hands of the Hindu Goddess Kali. I’ll just offer the following leading statement. During altered states of consciousness the transpersonal perception of divine feminine entities can be reliably reproduced in ceremonial settings. Many such ceremonies are now being studied with modern laboratory research methods and technologies. The research is yielding surprising and compelling data. A sober inquiry into the science of goddess invocation during trance states is the subject of my forthcoming book. Again I’ll spare you the details and jargon, and get down to sharing some of the practical implications of daily goddess worship. I invite you to read on with an open heart, open mind, and a playful sense of humor.

Goddesses are Hot
Throughout the ancient world there existed countless fertility goddesses that were (and in some places still are) worshipped, prayed to, and sexualized. That’s right, if you were born in a different time or place, you may be permitted if not obliged to mix the holy with the erotic. Far from being sinful, sacred sexuality has been the core practice of human ancestry. The condemnation of Eros is a relatively recent aberration. Regardless of where our bloodlines are rooted geographically, the universal human legacy is one of proud celebration of our once much less private parts. We venerated the intelligent designers of human anatomy for gifting us with so much pleasure potential.

What does this mean for you today? Well, for one, you can feel better about yourself for having that naughty mermaid fetish. More generally, you can study the various goddesses of sexuality and fertility and see if any resonate with you. If they don’t resonate, you can make up your own and put a statue of her on your altar. You can use your goddess given imagination to invoke her in fantasies, thereby giving your erotic mind some exercise and perhaps a break from a mind numbing, degenerative, and debilitating porn habit.

Goddess Worshipers are Sexy
People are turned on by men who bow down to a/the Goddess. Why? The more you worship goddesses the more you develop your feminine aspect. Grace, compassion, empathy, care, concern, sensitivity, all flow from the divine feminine energetic reservoir. It’s your birth right to tap into it and embody it. No you won’t be emasculated and thought to be weak, soft, or wimpy. Some of the bravest warriors have invoked the power of goddesses on the battlefield, vying to earn their blessings for victory against the enemy. I’m a peaceful warrior and don’t glamorize combat, I’m simply stating that you can still be an alpha amongst males and be submissive to females.
You could be elevated to top ranking hunk status by playing the role of a man who’s not meek, but rather is big, strong, and capable, yet in total service to the divine and earthly feminine. When you fall in and salute the alpha females, you’ll have a chance to earn access to the most elite and exclusive of erotic rituals. Doesn’t that sound more exciting than the typical “wham, bam, thank you mam” experience? You don’t need a lot of money or status, and muscles are a bonus but not a must. The prerequisite is only a refinement of character and a forging of soul in the practice of goddess worship.

Like it or Not, You’re Part Goddess
As stated above, the so-called feminine aspect is a sort of energetic polarity. Think Yin and Yang, no one is ever completely one or the other. We all contain and express a dynamic ratio. In my analysis, prisons, militaries, and animal experimentation laboratories represent some of the extreme distillations of toxic masculine energy. I think we’ve seen enough of the ill effects of having choked out the feminine aspect over the last 5,000 years of globally virulent patriarchal warrior cults. Just as millions have suppressed the divine feminine over millennia, as an inheritor of the patriarchal cultural legacy, you too have been meticulously trained to deny, ignore, and suppress your inner goddess.

Here’s a little experiment to help own your goddesshood. Find your local psychedelic trance dance community and try holding on to your tough guy act while in the storm of ecstatic bliss on the dance floor. I bet you a million dollars you’ll have a spiritual awakening and you’ll never talk, think, or even walk the same way again, ever. We like to call it being “shaktified.”

4. All the Women in your Life are Lowercase ‘G’ Goddesses.
Once you start to recognize the human embodiment and expression of divine feminine energy, you will acknowledge and value that, despite being brutally trampled and violently denied political and economic power. The divine feminine flows through all females by default (of course the gender binary is beautifully evolving beyond the tightly controlled 1950s archetypes and the butch-femme continuum is ever expanding so please don’t misunderstand my statements to be stereotyping).

If you’re a guy, you most likely have to wake up and exercise your goddessness. It takes will, effort, and in some cases a lot of work. In some cases it flows freely, easily and naturally without much effort. You can learn from the women in your life, in whom the goddess is generally more fully expressed.
Once upon a time in the history of “Western mythology” the divine masculine, i.e. God archetypes of the distant past, were blessed by equally important and powerful lovers, mothers, daughters, and sisters. Now it could be argued that the dominant mode of masculinity not only lacks its divine feminine counterpart, it lacks divinity itself. It’s appears as brutal violence, cold hearted calculating bottom line business, etc. The first step towards reclaiming our divine masculinity is to worship the divine femininity that’s still all around us.

5. You Eat the Flesh of the Earth Goddess
You don’t have to “believe” in Gaia the Greek Earth Mother Goddess, or Pachamama the Incan version. All you have to do is take a breath, have a drink of water or a bite of food, and give thanks to your material existence as a product of the health of planetary ecology. I’m convinced that the human species is a child of earth as much as, if not more than, heaven.

When you grow an organic veggie garden, you can’t help but worship your strawberries, tomatoes, basil, garlic, etc. Some of the most divine experiences are culinary. Plus when you create an ecological garden, you’re playing god(ess) by creating habitat for innumerable visible and invisible life forms. You’re engaged in the interplay of co-creation. I guarantee you’ll never be depressed while nurturing your garden. Repatriation to Eden is a rewarding life path and it can start right outside your front or back door, or down the street at the community garden if you’re in an apartment. You can even grow sprouted grains, beans, and nuts in jars on the kitchen counter. There’s no excuse not to be engaged in the holy arts of sustainable home-scale horticulture. Leaving the safety and sustainability of our food supply in the invisible hands of the centralized industrial economy has literally made hell on earth in the form of deforestation, salinization, and desertification.

Though de-emphasized and obscured by modern readings of the classic sacred texts, earth stewardship is not just a virtue, in many cases it’s a commandment. Like I said, if you don’t want to consider yourself an Earth Mother Goddess Worshiper, I’m fine with that. How about this, just make an effort to be a part of re-greening the skin of the earth. Grow some if not all of your own food if you can, at the very least recycle. The point is, actions speak louder than prayers. The spiritual practice of ecological integrity is good for paying down your inherited karmic debt, and will get you in the express line through the gates of heaven if that’s your thing.

6. Without Goddesses, Male Gods Get Frustrated and Violent
Early in the history of a religion which shall remained unnamed, there was a Mrs. God. For political reasons she was purged out of scriptural reference in a sort of ecclesiastical coup. It’s no wonder her blue-balled widower has gone on a 2000 year long kill crazy rampage. Gods need love too, not just your love, let them get their freak on, and there will be peace…

7. Goddesses Can Possess You, and Make You Do Good Things
Crimes attributed to demonic possession are on the rise in the news. This is a curious fact since we’re supposed to have discredited all of that supernatural nonsense. I can assure you, I believe in and have experienced the realness of demons as much as I believe in and have experienced the realness of goddesses. Don’t take my word for it, stand by for my scientific white paper and go ahead and repeat the experimental design in your own lab and we’ll compare notes. 😉

Anyway, whether or not you believe that the devil made the bad guy do it, let’s take a step back and strip away the cultural baggage around the phenomenon known as possession. Let’s try to get a fresh perspective on it shall we? We’re all fond of computers, yes? Many of us have been, or know some one who has been, in some way “hacked”. If we borrow that analogy, let’s suppose that the software the human personality runs on can be hacked into so that the hardware can be put to use for malicious activities. What if in the Bible instead of demonic possession, they called it demonic identity theft? Just sayin…

Again don’t take my word for it, but just humor me for a minute and let’s suppose that demonic possession is only one form of possession. What if there is such a thing as angelic possession, or perhaps deity possession? If you know anyone in the new age scene, you’ve probably heard enough about mediumship, channeling, astral projection, etc. and gotten sick of the all-too often flaky, unsubstantiated and untested assertions. Don’t worry, I’m weary of such egotistical self-aggrandizement, and have no interest in messiahs that trademark their hodgepodge of spiritual healing modalities after pilfering the shamanic traditions of non-proprietary indigenous cultures.

All I’m asking is that you put this notion on “what if” status for now. Gee, wouldn’t it be nice if it wasn’t just evil that had the power to joy ride in human minds and bodies. What if more benevolent beings, with better manners and ethics, could be voluntarily called upon and granted partial access to help us in various aspects of our lives?

I dare you to wonder what the world would look and operate like, if more humans invited Goddesses into their minds, bodies, and lives to work miracles through voluntary possession. If you can’t imagine it, I can help you with that.

8. When Addressed Properly, Goddesses Answer Prayers
I was a skeptic of all forms of prayer until a few years ago when I started to practice tantra, an ancient Indian spiritual technology that transmutes sexual energy into fuel for healing and enlightenment. Tantra is all about ritual procedure. A core theme is the practice of worshiping one’s intimate partner as a divine being. Another theme is the art of shouting prayers from high peaks of erotic ecstasy. I suppose it’s like climbing to a mountain top to increase the sonic range of your cries for help. Whatever the quantum mechanics involved, the proof is in the pudding. It works. Try it. Treat your lover like a goddess, and low and behold, as you become one with her, you’ll both ascend in a swirl of divine masculine and feminine energy, ultimately on course to be absorbed completely into a unitive field of undifferentiated bliss. Let’s call this the miracle zone, where your intentions for magical manifestation are most powerful, and where the quantum soup that congeals into solid dimensional realities is fluid and malleable. In my exploration of these practices, I’ve found that prayers are answered both by discrete higher dimensional divine feminine and masculine entities and in a sense by my own higher self.

Just play with this thought for a minute: what if every unit of pleasure you give to your beloved is exchanged for a unit of magical power to manifest your desires. Wouldn’t it be a good problem to have if that organic farm land you want to buy had a quantum price tag of 1,000 satisfactory orgasms? Here’s another thought, if orgasms can be thought of as tractor beams that pull in the realization of your magical manifestations, and we know that female orgasms are generally longer, more intense, and more powerful than male orgasms, wouldn’t it behoove us to be more devotional lovers? Serve your goddess and good stuff happens, I promise.

Well I hope I’ve piqued your interest. This little trip into the infinite vastness of goddess worship has just been a teaser. I hope that you’ll take the next step and apply yourself to the study and practice of goddess worship in whatever ways and to whatever extent you choose. I guarantee it will change your life and the lives of those around you for the better.

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