SPIRITUALITY (Voodoo, Jujube, Bosom and others)
Is time to get things clear, some brainwashed Africans (Christians and Muslims) always move around singing ” where was Africa Deities when Africans where take in to slavery”? Today, your song has got a reply. Next time you talk about slavery in Africa, make sure you know what Africa was, what Africa became and what went on during slavery. You only talk about slavery base on the history the oppressor provided you after slavery.
Before slavery (the coming of the Missionaries):
The first foreigners to enter the land of Africa came as friends willing to learn. Christopher Columbus and his crew entered the land of Ghana in the 1480s and they landed at Anomansa (Elmina). They stay there, mingled with the citizens and have affairs with some of the beautiful queens. Later, many explorers were all over Africa with the aim of learning. These foreigners got to know about African spirituality and how powerful it is.
When the foreigners move back to their various countries, Missionary were sent to Africa with evil intentions of taking the African mind off African spirituality and replace it with the gospel of a sky dude who has nothing positive to offer. Remember, Africa Deities are not Beings living somewhere and controlling the affairs of the world, they are spirits, energies and principles that operates within and outside mankind. So when the African is made to forget about these spirits, energies and principles and hold on the gospel of the sky dude, the Africa man becomes powerless. The question is, what can you do when your power is taken? The missionaries where able to brainwash most Africans to see everything black to be evil but White as better. As a result instead of holding on to African spirituality in times of need, the Africa man began to call on to a sky dude who is no where to help. Now the Missionaries accomplished their mission of making the Africans powerless. Note: the Missionaries where sent down to help take the mind of the African off Africa spirituality, resources and other riches, if not the African will not sit and watch someone take those things out of African. [Read the letter of King Leopard II to the Belgium missionaries who came down to Africa (Congo)]
Slavery time (the coming of Merchants):
After the mission of the Missionaries was accomplished, Merchants were then sent down to trade and steal from the land of Africa. This is because, the African mind was made to believe that all the earthly riches are of no importance but a reward in heaven after the African man is dead is all what is important. The trading and stealing of African riches went on for some time. The Merchants later focused on sending Africans back to their countries to help on farm lands. The capturing and taking of Africans out their land triggered most leaders to be at war against the Merchants.
The coming of Militaries:
Most African leaders where not happy to see their people being taken out of their own land so they started fighting the Missionaries and Merchants. As a result, Military men were sent down to Africa to protect the Missionaries and Merchants. The war went on for some time, but those African leaders who have abandoned African spirituality were defeated but those who still hold on the African spirituality were able to protect their territory from the invasion of the oppressor to make them slave. One can talk of King Kaku Acka of the Nzemas of Ghana, he protected his territory and his territory was the last place in Ghana the opressers stepped foot. King Kaku Acka had a red capparently and with this cap on he was invisible. He forth and conquered most oppressors. Until Kaku Acka’s cap was brew off by wind on the battlefield and he was captured, no oppressor was able to step foot on the Nzema land. One can talk of Queen Nyabinghi of Uganda, King Shaka Zulu of South Africa , Queen Aminatu of the Zazaws of Nigeria, King Badu Bonus of the Ahantas of Ghana, Queen Yaa Ashantiwaa, the naming go on and on. All these leader were able to protect their territories till death because of their dependency and the use of African Spirituality. Those who chose to call on the sky dude never had the guts to go for war..
To my brainwashed brothers and sisters, African spirituality does not operate on it own, it operates through man. So the question is, how can it be of help when you are unwilling to use it.
If you have anyone to question his powerfulness for not helping Africans during slavery it should be your sky dude not African spirits, energies and principles which most brainwashed Africans refused to use to help themselves during slavery.
Note: What you brainwashed people call deities are not separate entities that sit somewhere and control the affairs of the living. They are spirits, energies and principles to be use by Africans for their own benefit…
[This write up doesn’t cover what took place before Africans dispersed from the Nile Valley and ancient locations to their current location]

Odikuro Nana Essoub

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