Which Queen Are You?

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Find out what type of Queen you are?  Simply answer the following questions tally up you score and read your results. Choose the answer that most represent the way you think or feel.


Your friends would describe you as . . .
1-The Great Debator
2-The Boss
3-The Diva
4-The Explorer
5-The Good Friend
If a person challenged your intelligence and called you a foolish, simple-minded little girl, how would you respond?
1-I would introduce his/her face to my foolish fist.
2-I would devise a plan to humiliate the person in front of a large group of people and show everyone that they should never mess with me.
I am too cute to get upset. It could cause wrinkles. Besides, I might not be smart but I sure am fine.
4-I would prove them wrong by listing 10 African queens and their accomplishments. Then I would compare them to my own past and future accomplishments.
5-I would simply say, “God loves you and so do I”, and walk away.
You are going to a very important party. Some very important people will be there. When you walk into the room you . . .
1-Seek out those who might be your competition and see how you measure up.
2-Push your way through the crowd, find the most important person, and introduce yourself.
3-Create a scene to make sure everyone is looking at you and your new dress and hairdo.
4-Seek out all the interesting looking people and connect with as many people as possible.
5-Find the host or hostess of the party and ask if you could help in any way.
When it comes to the opposity sex (brothers, boyfriends, guy friends) you are . . .
1-Always agruing with them.
2-Always telling them what to do.
3-Always trying to get their attention.
4-Alway trying to figure them out & analyze them.
5-Always showing them love and support.
My personal style.
1-I dress according to my mood.
2-I like wearing clothes that make me look important.
3-I like wearing the latest fashions and I have to look like a superstar every time I walk out the door.
4-I like wearing unique clothing that no one else is wearing.
5-I wear clothes that are comfortable and simple.
If you are in an uncomfortable situation you . . .
1-Fight your way out of it.
2-You try to control the situation.
3-You smile and bear it.
4-You explore your options before taking action.
5-You try to bring comfort to the sitation.
When it comes to achieving dreams and goals you . . .
1-Are willing to fight for what you want.
2-Create a strategic plan that helps you get what you want.
3-Use your charm and good looks to get what you want.
4-Explore and learn as much as you can about the goals you want to achieve.
5-Help others because you know you will be blessed.
How do you mostly see yourself?
1-I am strong.
2-I am powerful.
3-I am beautiful.
4-I am change.
5-I am everything to all people.

Add up all your 1’s, 2′, 3′, 4’s, and 5’s.

If you have mostly 1’s you are a . . .

Warrior Queen         

You are willing to put on you full armor and do what you have to do for justice.  You are determind and relentless. You rule your kingdom with a spear in your hand. Just like Queen Nzingha of Angola who fought side by side with her soldiers and defeated the Porteguese.  Read more about her on the African Queens page.


If you have mostly 2’s you are a . . .

Power Queen           

You are the boss.  You command respect.  You do not mind telling people what you want and how you want it.  When you say jump everybody better say, “How high, your Majesty?”  You are like Queem Hatsepshut of Ancient Kemet (Egypt).  She took over rule of Kemet and dressed and acted like a male Pharoah.  Therefore, she did not rule as a Queen she ruled as a Pharoah.  Read more about her on the African Queens page.


If you have mostly 3’s you are a . . .

Beauty Queen          

You are the perfect example of inner and outer beauty.  You are graceful and stylish.  Everyone appreciates and admires your beauty.  You inspire others and put a smile on their face just by being in their presence.  Everyone wants to be you and be around you.  You are like Makeda, Queen of Sheba, in the Bible.  She captured the eye of King Solomon with her exotic African beauty.  Read more about her on the African Queens page.


If you have mostly 4’s you are a . . .

Renaissance Queen    

You are revolutionary and constantly reinventing yourself.  You promote change. You love to learn new things and share them with others.  You enjoy reading, writing, art, music, dance, and drama.  You have your own style and refuse to follow in anyone’s footsteps because you create your own footsteps.  Your not afraid to express new ideas and be different.  Just like Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Kemet who was married to Ancient Kemet Pharaoh, Akhenaten.  Nefertiti could not relegate herself to the traditional role of subservient-queen. She envisioned an active role for herself in reshaping civilization.  Read more about her on the African Queens page.


If you have mostly 5’s you are a . . .

 Mother Queen     

You nurture those around you.  Encouraging them to be the best they can be.  People feel comfortable and safe around you and will tell you their life story.  They are constantly in search of your wise advice.  If a loved one is sick or down they can count on you to bring them some chicken soup for the soul.  You are like Queen Nandi of the Zulu Nation.  She gave birth to a nation by giving birth to Shaka Zulu who created the greatest empire South Africa has ever seen.  Read more about her on the African Queens page.



* If you have an equal amount for 2 numbers that means you are a combination of the two types of queens.

* If you have a mixture of numbers this either means you are an ALL MIGHTY Queen.  You are well-balanced and can use all the many aspects of you personility to rule your Kingdom.  Or it means you are the SOUL-SEARCHING Queen.  Which means you are still trying to find your true self.  It all depends how you answered your questions.  If you answered them quickly without hesitation then you are probably an ALL MIGHTY Queen.  If you took a minute to think about the question and changed a few answers, then you probably still need to do some more soul-searching.


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