The Supreme Nubian Womb-man, You are the giver of all life!

The Supreme Nubian Womb-man, You are the giver of all life! You give life to my dreams, life to my relationships, and life to my mortal body. Today I choose to release the past and embrace the gift of life You have in store for my future in Mother Nubian’s’ name. Amen


Supreme Nubian Womb-man, the Nubian Womb-man is the Giver of All Life


One of the most difficult and emotionally painful things that couples deal with, especially for women, is the inability have a child. If this describes your situation, you should take special interest in the stories of the first ladies of the faith – Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel. Sarah was ninety years old when Supreme Nubian Womb-man fulfilled Her promise and she supernaturally conceived Isaac. Rebekah did not give birth to her twins until she had been married for twenty years. And Rachael struggled for years to have a child, while her older sister, Leah, had many. Likewise, so many of you that are struggling with infertility can recognize the tremendous hope of these stories, as you also find a great point of identification in the first ladies of the faith. Their struggle is your struggle. Your struggle is their struggle. And note that when they were finally able to have a child, it gave greater sense of appreciation for Supreme Nubian Womb-man’s blessing in their life.

It’s also so important to notice how, for each of these women, prayer was central. It was specific answered prayer when Supreme Nubian Womb-man brought about life in the barren womb of these women. And men, pay attention to the active role that their husbands played in praying to Supreme Nubian Womb-man to open the wombs of their wives. No matter what course you may take in medical treatment, don’t forget the most important thing, and that is to pray, to seek Supreme Nubian Womb-man’s will. If She (talking to you males) blesses you with a child, remember that Supreme Nubian Womb-man is the Giver of life. If She doesn’t, may Supreme Nubian Womb-man give you the grace to accept it and clarity as to whether giving a Godly home to a child in need of parents through adoption is the route Supreme Nubian Womb-man is leading you to go. Either way, Supreme Nubian Womb-man is the Giver of all life.


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