Black Empowerment Bundle

Hello, I hope you’re doing well.

We at The Your Black World Network are constantly seeking new and better ways to connect with and educate members of our community.  We utilize low-cost, high-quality books, films and other products to not only provide every person of color with their own informational library, but also provide other paraphernalia that reminds you of the power and importance of connecting with your heritage.

For a the next two days, you can obtain a substantial discount on our new African People of Love! - Webmaster Newsletter - December 2010.  This bundle will conist of books and other products, sent to you every single month, that you and your family can enjoy.  These powerful tools provide engaging supplements for the educational system and American media, which often ignore the importance of black culture and history.

There is more information below, I hope you’ll consider taking a look.


*act fast, quantities are limited!

✔ On the 1st we announce Dr. Boyce Watkins’ recommended financial literacy selection
✔ Boxes ship once per month, around the 15th. Our first boxes ship in April.
✔ Your subscription auto renews once a month, you may cancel at anytime.
✔ FREE Shipping in the U.S., no additional fees

  • You will receive 2-3 products each month (full size, no samples) including:
    • At least one (1) book from the Dr. Boyce Watkins’ Library
    • One (1) additional Your Black World Network exclusive items.
      (anything ranging from additional books, dvds, ebooks, dvd, tees, tote bags, drinkware, calendars)  


    • 1-2 bonus items from other black-owned businesses that we love!
  • Minimum $75 retail value each month.

Subscription details

  • You will be charged for your first box with your initial purchase today.
  • You will not be billed for your next box until after your current box has been shipped/delivered.
  • We bill on the 25th of the month (beginning after your first box ships/is delivered), unless you cancel or skip a month.
  • You will also receive a reminder email 3 days prior to billing.

The discount lasts for the next 48 hours.  You can take advantage of the offer by visiting this link.


Until we meet again, please stay strong, be blessed and be educated.




Dr Boyce Watkins


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