Job Seeker, Beware!

IMG_3630.JPGBe careful
Guys be aware of scammers…. they will email you saying they read your resume and will like to conduct a online interview, they won’t ask you for your social or anything relating to money, however don’t trust it….they will say you got the jobject then continue to ask more questions like where you live, how many hours can you work for, etc…after this they will tell you that they will send a check for you to buy softwares from their source or etc, I received a check 2 days after from ups….the check had $2900.55 on it and I was shocked but at the same time suspicious. So I asked my mom ifor it was real and he said it looked and felt real, everything seemed legit….however I was still suspicious so I went online to look up the company that sent the check, looking at the check I realized that the company was called Ronald L Book but on the check it had Ronald Book ……. so of course I searched for a number to call the place and when I did it was quite evident the company had no idea who I was, what check I was talking about and who was Mr. ROBERT…realizing it was a scam I did some further research to try and understand why would they send me a fake check….to my understanding you can get charged for depositing a fake check or have your account frozen, they can have you deposit the check and then obtain all your info and take all your money from your account, I was lucky and I hope you guys read this in time..also when it comeshe to online interview ensure its a video call, ask them for a tour around the work area and call other places to ensure that the person does work there and etc because online interview do happens but now it’s a bit more risky to believe anyone or anything

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