The latest News from the Queens of Afrika and African People of Lo

BY: NISHA THOMAS Rapper Nelly openly spoke on Tom Brady and the recent controversy of several NFL players not wanting to go to the White House to meet President Donald Trump. Is he right? Comment…

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BY: NISHA THOMAS When you’d thought that you seen it all and then you realize that you haven’t seen anything! Meet Maurice Johnson, a 55-year-old homeless man with two Masters Degrees. He has told his story…

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BY: NISHA THOMAS Do you think that hip-hop artists love white America more than black America? Dr. Boyce Watkins asks this question because it seems that we are witnessing more and more of our black…

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Has The NAACP Sold Out For White Dollars?

February 13, 2017 | 0 Comments

BY: NISHA THOMAS Has the NAACP sold out for the liking of white dollars? According to Dr. Boyce Watkins, they just may have sold out in a major way, considering who they are connected to…

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This is one of those situations where black people are probably going to be mixed in their reaction.  According to, Frank Ancona’s body was found this weekend after he went missing from his home…

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BY: NISHA THOMAS So, what are your thoughts on the n-word? Do you think it has a nice ring to it? Is it the same as calling a journalist a fake news reporter? Check out…

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