Is this a sermon or is this a question?

the mother of life and her children

Is this a sermon or is this a question? Is not a sermon a answer to a question?
Who would want to argue doctrine?

The Roman Catholic Church placed doctrine before the people and whoever disagreed was persecuted with terrible punishment when they had power. Isn’t this sin of planting doctrine in the face of people without agreement self righteousness and arrogance?

Do not ultimatums cause conflict & discord?

The only reason the Bible has appeal is because it carries a truth that appeals to the human heart. Love thy neighbor as thyself,has universal appeal and in this way we Glorify God (the Creator our Afrikan Mother, the Creator of all life).

People understand this,so is why it has universal appeal. Christ (But we know Christ is just the Anointed Black Son of the Mother) taught this and it is clear.

Why does the Bible have such universal appeal?
Because it answers life’s most puzzling questions:

A. Where did I come from? God created us in Her image.

the love of a mother

We did not accidentally emerge as nondescript globs from some primeval slime.

We are daughters and sons of God, the Mighty Queen (Galatians 3:26).Mother Father and Children We are so precious to God that when Eve and Adam sinned, She gave Her daughter to die (to this world ways) and pay the penalty for our sins (the killing, abuse, mistreatment, disunity, the lack of love) so we could be free (from the wrongs of the world, other nations that are not of us (our character) but strive to be like us). She wants to restore us to Her image 10403384_1408907462770417_275674602443303782_n and then, shortly, take us back to Eden (the land of Afrika) 12644671_226104634393885_169106405485398458_n, the home Eve and Adam lost.

B. Why am I here? Our aims for life today should be to discover the Bible’s the african people of love women bible and the law wonderful answers to life’s puzzling problems and to accept Jesus (Jus/Us, one another)’ offer to restore us to Her image (Romans 8:29).

C. What does the future hold for me? There is no guesswork about the future. Jus/Us who are her Anointed will come very soon to take Her people to the fabulous home She has prepared for them in heaven My heaven (her womb). There, with supreme joy and happiness, people will live forever (John 14:1-3; Revelation 21:3, 4).


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