Biblical times were black, brown, and olive skinned

Many people don’t want to believe that Jesus and other key people from Biblical times were black, brown, and olive skinned because of what has been incorrectly taught for many generations. These are powerful depictions of what the people in the Bible would have looked like based on the region of the origin and dwelling. 
This should be our image….10403384_1408907462770417_275674602443303782_n
Nice subject as well, If they would only overstand it is writtings from our Ancestors left to keep us in the way…. Father’s teaching boys what and how to be a real man…. Mother’s teaching the young women from birth how to be good Queens of their Kingdom and their King.. They are taught how to love, most today are not taught love, therefore they know not love, love for the brethren,
But, someone ask, “Who is thy Brethren?”
But it begins in the home, starting with the Queen/Mother/Teacher/the All, the I AM thru my Spirit All things, I Am the Creator of All Life, So whatever She, our Mother’s, Our Creators teach us to be that is what it will be, remember also, “The Apple (Child) does not fall to far from the tree! Now the Question would be what type of fruit are you bearing?
Most today are not teaching their Children! What you talking about Elder Eliyax X Petty? Well, let me ask you, “Are you teaching your children or are your Enemies, your Oppressors, Your Slave Masters teaching your Children, you know those you have chosen to be your God’s… Yes, your Leaders…
I am not putting your many books (Bible) down, but you must overstand what you are reading then you can put it in the right place… It’s a puzzle, but you know what’s funny…SMH while LMAO! We don’t need any books, the way to love one another is within each and everyone of us and has been since birth…
But, how many listen to their Spirit, most listen to the voice of others, outside of ourselves….
Everything we need to bring Salvation to our Nations is within us, we do not, I Replete we do not need help from any outside sources…. All we need is our Love (Divine Love) it’s hard, but not hard for those who are of Mother Afrika Afrika For-Afrikans.
Well, I have not been speaking for a while or writing, Have not had the time, life in this world keeps one busy so that they do not have the time to live life as they should nor think about these things…
How much do you really think about life? Is this really life that we live today? Where we created to live the life of another being or to be like everything else in Nature who lives free until the European comes across their paths.
Hey, I got to go things to do and Meditate upon… Free yourselves, but to free yourselves you must first let yourselves die!
PS: “Before I go, Ask yourselves this Question, why would a people who are perfectly well, buy guns to kill each other but not to protect one another? Why? And if a people are living in love towards one another as a family, a kingdom, a nation, why would they need guns expect to protect themselves from other nations invading them… Just something to think on… love you, inspite of your false ways, for we all have them… As it says; we all have done wrong, but remember, it does not say we all have to continue to do wrong! For a Child of Afrika does not do wrong, why? Because the Spirit of Mother Afrika dwells within them….

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