“The African People of Love would like to open a Center for our young here Phoenix AZ, to help teach our Youth about Building Strong Black Communities. A Centre for Youth Excellence.

Growing up with many mentors in my sporting, academic and faith life, I know the need for strong role models in the lives of youth. Sports and recreation are valuable tools where youth can learn important life skills, shape character, and of course have fun. This facility will provide caring adult mentors to feed into the lives of the youth, showing them that they are loved, helping them to grow their talents, and teach them social skills and values.

If you are interested in helpng with the development of this center, or have skills you would like to donate to help with the building our youth we ask you to please contact the President of the African People of Love in AZ, You can contact him by going to his facebook pg dolten apol and sending him a message that you would like to help.

Just click the picture above to go to his facebook page.

We here at the African People of Love thank you for your support and love that you have for your people. You can also contact us @ (520) 261-5029 and leave a short detail message and someone will get back to you ASAP!


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