youre fine but do you have knowledge of self

When you fall in love with a man who has a divided heart,
your relationship is doomed right from the start.

As he tries to convince you that things are better than they seem,
he leads you down a path of empty promises and unfulfilled dreams.

Hot and steamy lovemaking filled with passionate cries are followed by
unanswered calls, disappearing acts and insulting lies.

His smooth and crafty words resonate in your head, as you lie awake at
night in a cold and empty bed.

Being shuffled about like a deck of cards and feeling like a fool, is the price you
pay for being in love with a man who’s totally confused.

You deserve to be loved by a Mother Afrika-fearing man who is stable and sincere, not a man
who has become an expert at saying things every woman wants to hear.

Get out of this mess, Girlfriend! Mother Afrika has better plans for you.
He wants to rebuild your inner spirit and make it better than new.

You are a precious Child of Mother Afrika. You are beautiful and way too smart,
to stay in a damaging relationship with a man who has a divided heart.


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